Discussion board question: citations apa


1. Find and correct the errors in the following fictional APA-style references and citations:

a. Walters, F.T., and DeLeon, M. (2010). Relationship Between Intrinsic Motivation and Accuracy of Academic Self-Evaluations Among High School Students. Educational Psychology Quarterly, 23, 234-256.

b. Moore, Lilia S. (2007). Ethics in survey research. In M. Williams & P.L. Lee (eds.), Ethical Issues in Psychology (pp.120-156), Boston, Psychological Research Press.

c. Vang, C., Dumont, L.S., and Prescott, M.P. found that left-handed people have a stronger preference for abstract art than right-handed people (2006).

d. This result has been replicated several times (Williamson, 1998; Pentecost & Garcia, 2006: Armbruster, 2011)

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