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Read the book I upload chapter 7

Read this article written by sociologist Alexandria Radford:  No Point in Applying:  Why Poor Students are Missing at Top Colleges.” (链接到外部网站。) (Links to an external site.)

After you have read the article, write a 250 – 500 (1-2 pages) word response that addresses these questions:  What does Radford’s research and Reich’s arguments in Inequality for Alltell us about social mobility in the United States?  According to Radford, in what ways does socioeconomic status (or social class) influence young people’s educational decisions?  In what ways does Radford’s research and Reich’s arguments question the degree to which the United States could be considered a meritocracy? 

Each of these concepts (socioeconomic status, social class, meritocracy) are discussed at length in Conley’s chapter 7, so be sure that you are showing what these concepts mean, and then applying them to the article and to Inequality for All.

Please be sure to write in paragraph form, and with citations and references.

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