Structure design | Civil Engineering homework help


 1- Create foundation plan (locations of piers, depths/diameters of piers, slab-on-grade,  grade beam/stem wall with strip footing to support façade)

2- Start designing gravity connections – use AISC (bolts and welds), come up with several  standard connections  

3- Detail the gravity connections (create drawings of all standard connections, load  schedule), baseplate design, shear connections (plate that is bolted or welded to  column) 

4- Start designing lateral connections – use AISC to size gusset plate, then size bolts/welds;  for moment frames, designing welds/plates 

5- Detail lateral connections (unique connections for the most part) 

6- Detailing foundation elements (specify and show reinforcement – stirrups, vertical bars)  

7- Design/detail retaining walls  

8- Place details on sheets (numbered and arranged)  

9- Add callouts to all plans, elevations, and sections

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