What characteristics would lead a provider to suspect domestic

 Topic 5 DQ 2

Healthcare practitioners serve the purpose of caring for patients within care settings and safeguarding and promoting other interests. Among the qualities that care providers should have is critical analysis skills that would aid them in assessing issues that affect people within a family unit. Care providers can analyze some characteristics to examine topics such as domestic violence, child abuse, or elder abuse. Furthermore, they can engage responsive strategies in reporting such types of abuse. First, caregivers who work with families in outpatient settings must check for specific attributes to suspect abuse. The practitioners may check for physical markings on the individuals’ body, which could indicate abuse (Kim & Park, 2020). Furthermore, the caregiver could analyze the interaction of the individual with the other family members. In typical scenarios, the members facing abuse tend to exhibit apprehensiveness towards the other person, which could be a sign of abuse in the family (Skarsaune & Bondas, 2015). Lastly, the caregivers could ask people around the individual to divulge necessary information about the suspicion. Consequently, the caregiver should take appropriate action based on the extent of the problem. Some of the interventions they could take in this regard include reporting the matter to the authority if they suspect it is a severe problem (Fong, 2020). Nonetheless, in mild cases of abuse, the caregiver could recommend counselling services to mitigate the problem. The facility can follow relevant procedures in reporting abuse. In this regard, the caregiver should ascertain that there is a case of abuse that undermines the other person’s interests. Consequently, the caregiver reports the problem to Child Protective services, which conducts its independent investigation on the matter. Nonetheless, depending on the nature of the problem, the care providers could also contact the police and provide evidence regarding the issue. These steps are essential, considering that these authorities have the necessary resources to address the abuse problem.


Fong, K. (2020). Getting eyes in the home: child protective services investigations and state surveillance of family life. American Sociological Review, 85(4), 610-638. https://doi.org/10.1177/0003122420938460

Respond to the post in discussion using 200-300 words APA format with a reference to support the post

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