Written assignment – international hr decision making

Visit company websites such as Nestle, Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, or similar global websites; review their product lines, locations in which they operate, and other pertinent information in respect to their global organization. Select one organization, and answer the questions below in a 2-3 page paper:

  • What challenges do the global HRL practitioners face?
  • How could HRL overcome the complexities of staffing such an organization on a global scale to help top management formulate a strategy in achieving organizational performance objectives?
  • As an international HRL practitioner, how would you advise top management?

International Human Resource Leadership practitioners assume a number of roles in international business which may be different than when operating in purely domestic organizations. When operating domestically, HRL is concerned with strategic challenges such as inclusion and diversity, recruiting the right talent, organizational performance, and helping both the line managers and top organizational management operate successfully. The goal is to create competitive organizations with happy employees who can in-turn perform better than others.

Internationally, HRL is faced with more complex challenges such as the context of HR strategic approach to recruiting, training and development. Therefore, international HRL must respond to additional complexities such as using domestic or host country employees, succession planning from home country or allow host country personnel to be promoted to corporate headquarter. In essence, when operating internationally, HRL practitioners must utilize a different strategy and create different processes for operating

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