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Bob is a 35 year old black male who came into care on Feb. 14th 2015. He lives with his wife and two children Bob Jr. and Mary. He works at the Motor Vehicle Administration office in western Maryland. His current address is 1934 BTS Street in Baltimore Maryland, he has lived there for the past 10 years. The reason why Bob is receiving treatment is because he was driving under the influence was arrested and  sentenced to mantuary therapy. He seemed like a nice man who is trying to get a better outlook on life. He has no history of incarceration and has a college degree in Math. He has no overt medical concerns.

Question #1: What  sentence or sentences do not belong in the statement above, please explain why.

Question #2: Please describe the actions below without bias or an interpretation as you would in the Observation( Objective) section of a SOAP note

#2a: Client was late and in a bad mood

#2b: Client got up and slammed the door

#2c: Client nodded during the meeting

#2d: Client looked like he was under the influence

#2e: Client became sexually excited during the meeting

#2f: Client began to cuss during the meeting

#2g: Client went to his car and came back in a joyful mood after  drinking something out of a bottle

Question #3: Who’s opinion is noted when writing the assessment section of a SOAP note


2.Social Work manager

3.Medical doctor

4.Please answer , can a plan change without the worker meeting the client before a session?

Please answer each question above in APA style, with a total of 300 words or more for each question

Work will be graded on the following format 

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