Acc 557 week 11 chapter 14 quiz (2 sets) (updated one)

Week 11 Quiz, Chapter 14


Multiple Choice Question 52


Vertical analysis is also known as





Multiple Choice Question 98


A measure of the percentage of each dollar of sales that results in net income is





Multiple Choice Question 91


The current assets of Margo Company are $300,000. The current liabilities are $100,000. The current ratio expressed as a proportion is










Multiple Choice Question 61


Under which of the following cases may a percentage change be computed?





Multiple Choice Question 116


Net income does not appear in the numerator of the





Multiple Choice Question 99


West Company had $375,000 of current assets and $150,000 of current liabilities before borrowing $75,000 from the bank with a 3-month note payable. What effect did the borrowing transaction have on the amount of West Company’s working capital?









Multiple Choice Question 71


In performing a vertical analysis, the base for sales returns and allowances is





Multiple Choice Question 147


In 2012 Shum Corporation reported income from operations $180,000, interest expense $50,000, and income tax expense $40,000. Shum’s times interest earned ratio was:





Multiple Choice Question 51


Horizontal analysis is also called












Multiple Choice Question 165


Comparisons of data within a company are an example of the following comparative basis:





Multiple Choice Question 69


In performing a vertical analysis, the base for prepaid expenses is





Multiple Choice Question 88


Flake Company reported the following on its income statement:

Income before income taxes


Income tax expense


Net income


An analysis of the income statement revealed that interest expense was $50,000. Flake Company’s times interest earned was





Multiple Choice Question 42


In analyzing the financial statements of a company, a single item on the financial statements






Multiple Choice Question 163


Each of the following is a factor affecting quality of earnings except






Multiple Choice Question 46


A stockholder is interested in the ability of a firm to






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