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This study sheet will help you write a rough draft of the speech assignment that you will revise later on. Answer the following questions as you work through your study to build a strong and successful speech.

Your Assignment

Choose one form of discrimination, research it, and give a speech explaining how people of the future will feel about it. 

You will . . .

  • Conduct research to find something you feel will be seen in the future as a form of discrimination in today’s society.
  • Make notes for a five-minute speech on your topic.
  • Write and present an argument speech with an effective introduction, body, conclusion, and transitions.

Choosing Your Topic

Use the questions below for brainstorming and to help you choose an idea.


1. When it comes to discrimination, what do you think (or hope) people will do better in the future as opposed to today? What are some unfair practices in today’s world that you’d like to see change? Set yourself a three-minute time limit and jot down as many ideas as you can.

2. Which idea from the list above best fits the assignment and your interests, and why?


Researching Your Topic

Use the questions below for brainstorming and to help you organize your ideas.


3. Look online or in the library for information on your subject. If you’re finding too much or too little information, fill in the item that applies to your topic below. If you’ve found exactly the right number of sources you think you can use, you may skip this question.


Too much information? Narrow your focus. What small topic can you choose from within the big topic you started with? Consider focusing on a particular location, a more limited time period, a more specific group of people, and so on.

Too little information? Think outside the box. You’re writing about a form of unfairness, so what makes you think it exists in the first place? Even if you can’t find articles that discuss the problem, you may find sources that provide evidence that can be interpreted as discrimination in your speech.

4. List four or five possible sources below.

. List your source for this below. Add a sentence or two to describe how  media element could enhance your speech.


Drafting Notes for Your Speech

6. How will you grab the audience’s attention at the beginning of the introduction?

7. How will you phrase your claim?

8. What is your first supporting point? What source material will you use as evidence?

9. What is your second supporting point? What source material will you use as evidence?

10. (This step is optional — skip it if you already have enough to fill five minutes.) What is your third supporting point? What source material will you use as evidence?

11. How will you conclude your speech?


Preparing Your Note Cards

12. Write down the key points as you will use them when you read your speech aloud.


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