I need this done asap

I need a outline the CLC questions of this assignment no apa fromat nedded.

Assignment below



I had to do this for a lesson plan for four and five year olds.





What You Need:






Peanut butter




Butter knife




Pen and paper




What You Do:




Step 1 From your pantry, gather all the stuff needed for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; bread, peanut butter, jelly, knife, and plate.




Step 2 Tell your child that you are going to read him the directions for making a sandwich.  




Step 3 Your child should tell you, in precise order, how to make the sandwich, step by step. As they talk (ask them to go slowly) begin to build the sandwich. You can only do exactly what they say. If your child says, “put the peanut butter on the bread,” pick up the closed peanut butter jar and try to shake it on the closed bread bag. It may sound silly but it demonstrates that the proper order is necessary for you to understand. Your child must start from the beginning with lots of detail.




Get out the jelly and peanut butter jars and put them on the counter.


Get out a plate and butter knife and put them on the counter.


Take two slices of bread out of the bread bag.


Put them on a plate.


Pick up a butter knife with your right hand


Dip the knife into the peanut butter jar


Spread the peanut butter on one slice of bread.


Dip the knife into the jelly jar


Spread the jelly on one slice of bread.


Close the sandwich.


Put away the jelly and peanut butter.












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