Reading reflection of “gentrification,” an encyclopedia entry by

  1. How did you feel/what opinions did you possess about the themes explored in the main text (short story, poem, novel, or play) BEFORE you read the main text? 

Example: What did you think about the cultural significance of naming BEFORE you read Julia Alvarez’s “Names/Nombres?”

What are your feelings/opinions about the themes explored in the main text (short story, poem, play, or novel) AFTER you have read the main text? How did your feelings and opinions change? What did you learn? Do you have a different perspective after reading? Explain and cite SPECIFIC EVIDENCE (scenes, dialogues, events, lines, etc.). 

What literary devices (imagery, setting, characterization, tone, etc.) in the main text (short story, poem, novel, or play) captured your interest while reading? Why? Be specific. 

How does the secondary text or text (the contextual articles) help you think about the main text (short story, poem, play, or novel)? Be specific.

Example: How does the article, “The Racist Mispronouncing of Names” help you 

consider the themes explored in Julia Alvarez’s “Names/Nombres?”

What aspects of the main text (short story, poem, play, novel) do you want to discuss in class? Be specific. Why do you think these aspects of the main text make for interesting conversation? I might ask you to lead the class discussion about these features, so be prepared to discuss your answer to this question.

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