Answering these easy psycology questions

I need someone who can save my time answering these 10 questions. Please if you disagree with the budget, or you have not time to do it do not even bet. Thanks.


Chapter 13

1. What helps children thrive in difficult family or neighborhood conditions?

2. Should parents marry, risking divorce, or not marry, risking separation?

3. What can be done to stop a bully?

4. How might siblings raised together not share the same family environment?

5. What is the difference between family structure and family function?

Chapter 14

1. What are the first visible signs of puberty?

2. How are girls affected by early puberty?

3. How are boys affected by off-time puberty?

4. What are the problems with adolescent pregnancy?

5. Among sexually active people, why do adolescents have more STIs than adults?

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