Dashboard analysis and nursing plan


As Dr. Rempher and Ms. Manna discussed this week, data from the NDNQI is used to improve nursing practices and support the strategic outcomes of an organization. This data is also used to create the Dashboard. The Dashboard, then, is used to create an action plan. Correctly interpreting information presented on the Dashboard provides nurses with a better understanding of the goals of the action plan.

To prepare

For this Assignment, use the Dashboard located in this week’s Resources, to interpret the data and frame a nursing plan based on best practices.

· Review  the NDNQI and use of dashboards

· Choose a Nurse-Sensitive Quality Indicator that needs improvement based on the data presented in the Dashboard. Reflect on how you would develop a nursing plan with suggestions on how to improve performance in the chosen area.

· Develop a nursing plan that outlines suggestions on how to improve performance in the chosen area.

· Provide at least five best practices from evidenced-based literature to support your nursing plan.


· Draft a 4- to 5 page paper analyzing areas where there is good performance and areas of opportunity from the sample Dashboard.

· Analyze the data provided in the Dashboard and select an area of performance that needs improvement. Include information on why this area was chosen.

· Develop a nursing plan that includes suggestions on how to improve performance on the selected indicator. Be sure to provide at least five best practices from the evidenced-based literature to support your suggested nursing plan.


Provided a brief paragraph that included an overview of the assignment and its purpose.

Presented an analysis of the data from the Sample Dashboard.

Provide a thorough description of the area of performance selected that needs improvement and discussed the statistical findings and why the area was selected.

Present a nursing plan on five or more best practices that could be implemented to improve performance on the selected indicator. 

Included how each best practice could address the selected performance. Each best practice must be supported by the professional literature.

Provided a summary of the main points in the paper.

APA Formatting: cover page, title of paper on second page, level headings, Times New Roman 12 font, 1″” margins, and page numbers. APA References: Uses in-text citations appropriately and format correctly. Paraphrases to avoid plagiarizing the source.
Reference list is in alphabetical order, hanging indent, double spaced in format. Each specific entry contains all information required by APA format including author, year of publication, title of publication, pages, DOI, website, as appropriate.

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