Hrm 510 week 6 and 7 dq’s

Week 6 Reasonable Accommodating and Work-Life Conflicts”  

Please  respond to the following:  Using the e-Activity, summarize the outcome of the selected case. Then,  outline a corrective action plan geared toward mitigating the unfair  reasonable accommodation practices within the organization in question. 

Determine two (2) work-life challenges that either military personnel  (e.g., Reserve and National Guard, etc.), individuals with accents or  English fluency concerns, or gays / lesbians may face within any  organization. Examine at least two (2) employment laws that protect your  selected group. Next, outline a plan that could assist an organization  in protecting the selected group from discrimination.

Week 7 Pay Equity and Benefits”  Please respond to the following:  

Using the e-Activity, determine the importance of equal pay between men  and women. Then, suggest two (2) valid reasons why their pay may be  different for the same position. Justify your response. 

Assess the importance of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act  (ERISA) when an employer provides benefits of any kind. Classify two (2)  pros of an employee using the benefits that the employer provides and  at least one (1) con that may be a conflict for an employee using such  benefits. Note: Refer to cases in your textbook as you formulate your  response.

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