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Touchstone 4: Python Journal Project

ASSIGNMENT: For this project, you will learn how to effectively plan, design, develop, and test an original program of your choosing. This program is your choice and it can be as complex as you wish. The goal is to start with an idea for your program and then step through the process of most phases of the development lifecycle to turn your idea into an actual program. This includes planning out the algorithm using pseudocode, coding your program using everything you learned from Units 1-3, and finally testing and debugging your program to make sure it fulfills your intended purpose. Being able to create your own program can be beneficial in any career field. Anything that can be programmed or automated in any industry could make your work a lot easier. Even as a hobby, it can give you a reference point to have a better understanding of how to deal with common issues. Using basic Python to automate menial tasks can save you time and money! Whether you were in this class to learn programming at a professional level or if it’s just for fun, you will benefit from learning coding as a foundation of your technical skills.

For this Touchstone, you will fill out a journal (template link below) which has five sections that correspond to the five steps you will complete for your final project. Use this template to write your journal responses for each section of the project. When you have finished, you will submit this journal as a Word .doc/docx.

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