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Attached are the assignments leading up to this assignment

For this week’s assignment, you will submit a PowerPoint presentation  that presents your project’s risk monitoring and control approach.   Your presentation should include the following:

  1. Title slide
  2. List and describe the risk response and control steps, detail how  you will follow up on existing risks after the risk response plan is  implemented and how you will execute a corrective action if the initial  plan was not effective.
  3. Provide details on how you will plan for new identified risks
  4. Provide details on how you will handle risks that cannot be closed
  5. Provide details on how risks will be reported
  6. Provide details on how risk management effectiveness will be assessed and measured and
  7. List of references

Length: Include a minimum of 12 to 15 slides and each slide should  include speaker notes, as well as voice over with Kaltura to take a  video using the functionality and submit the video for your assignment.  

References: Include a minimum of 2 scholarly articles.

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