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Hello! My name is Shea and I am studying for my business administration degree. I tend to struggle with English, but I am looking forward to exploring and learning more in this course!

I feel like I try to persuade people to do things often. I am extroverted, and most of my friends are introverted, so I regularly have to try to persuade people to go out and change things up. My recent bought of persuasion was involving my main group of friends and the famous half skate, half shoe, ‘Heely’s’. Growing up I had Heely’s and my friends and I used to use them constantly. I remember how much fun we had, and when I learned that the company has made a comeback and now creates adult Heely’s, I had to buy some. I tried for weeks to convince my friends to also buy a pair, to no avail. They love them, and love trying them, but none of them can bring themselves to buy any. Maybe one day! 

The main technique I used for trying to persuade one of them was trying to build an emotional connection. By trying to connect with them emotionally, it would mean that they had a stronger pull to joining my side. If they were able to feel that deep nostalgic feeling, it would connect them with feeling like a kid again, and want some. My problem in this case was that none of them had Heely’s as a kid, and couldn’t understand that side of it. Had I tried the same approach with a childhood friend, or someone that had a pair, I think I would have been much more successful. 


For your response posts, address the following:

  1. Identify your peers’ most effective persuasive strategies.
  2. Suggest at least two additional persuasive strategies and explain how those strategies would enhance their argument.

Remember, this assignment is graded on the quality of your initial post and at least two response posts to your classmates.

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