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Informational interviews are helpful to learn about different career positions available for a company or department you would be interested in working for long-term. A person’s rank does not matter, but you should aim to talk with someone who has enough experience to give you informed insights. Because there is no job on the line and no immediate professional risk to you, you can ask candid questions about the position and learn if that is something you would really like to do (or somewhere you would really like to work). Still, you are making an impression on them and they are sharing their time with you, so do your research. Ask informed questions and indicate a serious interest in their work. Later on, they might remember you for a position and, hey, you get a job!

For this work, you will find a prospective contact who has a job you might like to have later in your professional career and get a 30-minute informational interview with that. Please see the rubric for a full list of the required elements and see for some guidance about writing

My work should be in: Urban planning

Try to prove that you did meet a professional person in urban planning.

And now I will write the instructions for this paper.

Contact –  Explain how you made contact and provide visual proof 

 Relevance –  Explain clearly how this person has a job that is of interest to your interests 

 Interview format – in-person, or Zoom, or via email

 Method of connection –  Stranger through “cold call” (e.g., email, LinkedIn, etc.) 

 Questions – List of prepared questions and notations indicating which ones you discussed in the interview 

Research –  Explain what you found out about: (1) the company AND (2) the person you are interviewing 

Interview –  Describe 5 out of 5: (1) Where you met; (2) What you learned; (3) If it comfortable; (4) What you think you gained; (5) How timely was the meeting 

 Follow-up –  Proof of follow-up thank-you note 

Length –  2 to 3 pages (excluding questions, and proof of follow-up) 


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