2 discussion questions | History homework help

First Assignment :

Write a reflection that articulates how Christians should respond to questions of injustice in the world today regardless of culture, creed, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. Please. incorporate the “Letters to a Birmingham Jail”.

**Must be 200-250 words

Second Assignment: 

Assess the role that Christianity played in shaping the Emancipation experience, and explain how churches informed the political and economic opportunities available to newly freed slaves?

** Must be 200-250 words

Discussion Resources

·  Carter Woodson: The History of the Negro Church, Chapter 10, pp. 202 — 247Links to an external site.

·  J.A. Whitted: A History of the Negro Baptists of North Carolina: Chapter II — The Work of the Northern Societies for the Colored Baptists of North Carolina, pp. 18 — 33Links to an external site.

·  George Bragg: History of the Afro-American Group of the Episcopal Church: pp. 136 — 142Links to an external site.

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