Website hosting and security discussions

Please respond to the following two questions in 2-4 paragraphs each please.


  1. Imagine that you are an IT Manager, and you have been tasked with deciding whether to use an internal or external Web hosting service. Provide your opinion on the two (2) most important advantages and disadvantages of each method. Determine what your main security consideration for each method would be. Provide a rationale for your response.


  1. Assume that you are an IT Security Professional and you are creating a PowerPoint for your company’s Web application development team that highlights the most common types of attacks a business might face regarding its Website data transmission. Determine which three (3) attacks you want to include in your presentation and provide a brief description of each. Select the attack you believe to be the most threatening and explain why.  


  1. Imagine that you are the IT Security Officer for a large university, and you have been assigned the task of implementing Web security. Propose the key actions that you would take to implement security in order to eliminate single points of failure. Provide a rationale for your response.



  1. Access Control is one (1) of the most important security mechanisms when one designs a secure network, Website, or data transmission environment. Suggest the approach that you would take to utilize access control in your environment. Recommend the major actions that you can take to assure that proper type of access and level of access and control are being used.
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