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Due Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This part of the project focuses on forces outside the company that may affect the future financial performance of the company.

Using the Southwest Airlines analyzed, please search sources for the following:

1.      How many countries is your firm currently doing business in?  Does the firm plan on expanding? (This will be in the MD&A and the Notes.)

2.      What are the specific risks to doing business in the countries your firm is located in?  Discuss specific economic, political, and social risks.

3.      Are there any companies your firm has acquired or merged with, or had a joint-venture / other agreement in the past?  Check goodwill and check the notes. 

4.      What type of advantages did your firm obtain by engaging in activities listed in question 3?

5.      Google for news stories, company announcements, etc. concerning your firm. (minimum for a grade of 80% are three stories.) Are there any advantages or disadvantages not mentioned previously faced by your firm, ie law suits, supplier problems, R&D breakthroughs, etc.?

6.      Provide an overall explanation for your firm, include your financial analysis and the other information above?  Is this firm a good long-term or short-term investment, or neit

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