Chapter 5 scenario | Education homework help

 To create a sample program personnel budget and to evaluate your budget. (A sample, using the 2018 published market rates, has been attached to guide you in the process). The 2022 published market rates are attached below.   

You are the director of a small  center, Child Time, and forecasting for your upcoming year. Your program  will have three classrooms open, each projecting to be full: two  toddler rooms of 8 children (in each classroom) and a preschool room of  18. All three rooms will need two teachers for the entire hours of  operation, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Teachers can work no more than eight  hours daily, meaning you will need additional coverage during the day in  each room. You need to create an annual budget that considers the  expenses of six teachers plus yourself (adding a line to include 25% for  fringe benefits to base salaries) to the income generated by tuition.  Your goal is to keep the percentage of your budget spent on personnel at  75% or below.

Focus Assignment: 

Create a spreadsheet to calculate the average hourly rate you can pay  all your teachers, assistants, and yourself, which includes the  percentage of total income you are spending on the payroll. Your  spreadsheet must have a separate line for each person represented in the  scenario. In other words, you can not lump the calculations into one  line that says, teacher or teacher assistants. Refer to the attached  example for guidance. This spreadsheet also needs to include what you  charge for tuition for each age group.


  1. For your budget, explain how this budget addresses the issues in the scenario .
  2. A minimum of two In-text citations to justify your explanation.
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