Explanatory | Criminal homework help

 an explanatory essy responding to the prompts listed below.
*Explain how the U.S. criminal justice system is dealing with offenders under the contemporary integrative and critical theories.
*What new initiatives or approaches (last 5–7 years) have the U.S. criminal justice system shifted to in reaction to more contemporary theories of process?
*Discuss the decriminalization of crimes in theoretical terms.
*How does reinforcements, punishments, and discriminative stimuli work in everyday life?
*Describe the role of law and power in contemporary integrative and critical theories.

A  minimum of three pgs in length and include an introduction. You should also include a minimum of four resources, and one resource can be your textbook. Please select additional resources from the CSU Online Library or through an internet search (scholarly, peer-reviewed, or authoritative), and make certain that the chosen resource is no more than five years old.

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