Scenario 9 (kee) | Education homework help

  To create a parent questionnaire to gain insight into parents and their children and to evaluate your questionnaire. 

The assignment is not complete without a self reflection

One of the main lessons you learned during your  student teaching experience was how well parents know their own children  and how sharing this knowledge with educators can inform your teaching.  While you plan to collect some of this information informally, you also  decide to be systematic and create a questionnaire for parents, bearing  in mind that some families may not have access to a computer. You begin  with basic questions about their family structure and the members of  their family (e.g., if a grandparent lives with the family, the names  and ages of any siblings). Given your desire to invite parents to  contribute to the classroom, you also want to learn more about the  subjects they’re passionate about, such as photography, music, or  cooking. You also want to know if they would be willing to share these  interests with your class. Last, you ask parents about their  availability to participate in informal classroom events, such as  reading times and performances.

Focus Assignment

1.  Create a questionnaire for parents that you can print and distribute.  Write a brief introduction about how you will use the information to  gain greater insight into each child and their family. Next, include  four to five questions about their family structure. Then, invite  parents to indicate which subjects they are passionate about and whether  they would be willing to share their interests with your class. Last,  create a section about parents’ availability to participate in informal  events.

2. Be sure to read the SELF-EVALUATION section below to  guide your thinking. Write your self-evaluation after you have completed  your questionnaire.


1. For each item of your questionnaire:
     a. Explain how this item addresses the issues in the scenario.

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