Week 8 final project busn 370 | business law | Regent University

 Using the information from the course, write a paper that explains from a business law perspective what a budding entrepreneur should know in order to establish a domestic US trading business in children’s garments where international agreements are entered into, including:

  • Agreements to buy fabric in India;
  • Agreements to ship the fabric from India to China;
  • Agreements in China to convert the fabric into children’s shirts based on client designs;
  • Agreements to take possession of the finished product in China and ship the garments to Canada, France, and the U.S. for sale through major department stores.

Compose the research paper with your group, in accordance with APA standards, and cite a minimum of five scholarly peer reviewed sources (in addition to your textbook and the Bible) as references (word count range 2500-2600 words).Submit the final document. Only one member of the group may submit the paper. Once one person submits the paper, the assignment closes for all members of the group.This assignment is due Saturday by 11:59 pm ET. 

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