Article portfolio | Business & Finance homework help

  1. Collect stories on business finance topics discussed throughout the semester. You must have at least 10 stories in total.
    1. Articles must be corporate or business-related, not personal and cannot be just a few lines of news. Articles cannot be finance-related education or instruction. They must be analytical news.
    2. Articles MUST NOT be older than January 2023.
    3. Each article must cover a separate finance-related topic.
    4. Stories MUST be from one or all of the following sources: Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, BusinessWeek, New York Times, Washington Post, CFO Magazine, Bloomberg, or any other reliable sources with the professor’s approval. Examples of unacceptable sources are Wikipedia, Investopedia. WSJ can be accessed via PV library’s website.
    5. Examples of minimum quality articles are posted on eCourses.
    6. Post both the verifiable stories and their links (if any) on a Word document to be turned in. Posting the links alone will not be graded, thus resulting in a zero credit for that article.
  2. How are the stories in (1) above related to the finance topics you have learnt in class so far? At the end of each story you have selected, you need to write a short paragraph (min 5 sentences) answering question (2). That is, what the textbook theories state and what the event says about the theories in your opinion.

Attached is the example on how everything should look 

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