Web services literarature review | Computer Science homework help

I need a literature review on the topic of web services in cloud computing. select four published papers. Then, summarize each of the papers you have selected in your report in your own words.

 Apply double spaces to the text of the document and one inch of margin to top, right,
bottom, and left of all pages
 Use font type Times New Roman with the font size 12 pt. applied to the body of the
 All paragraphs must start with the first line being indented one-half inch from the left
margin; use the Tab key and not the Space Bar to create the indentation
 Create a header to place the page numbers to the upper right hand corner one and half
inch from the top margin
 Use italics to provide emphasis
 Use foot note references wherever needed instead of parenthetical references for long
explanatory notes
 Consult the MLA guidelines for more details about how to write research papers in
MLA format

 Along with the body, your paper must contain a title page, an abstract page, a table of
contents, a conclusion page, and a page for citation
 Abstract should reflect your understanding of the subject matter. Conclusion will
express your opinion of the topic that you will discuss in the paper
 The body of the paper must be at least six pages long
 There must be at least citation of six different literature; works must have been
published in journals or books, in paper or electronic format to be cited
 Place all the citation/reference on a separate page. Follow the MLA guidelines on how
to cite in MLA style
 The cited works must be directly relevant to your topic and must indicate that your
discussion is based on those works. Instructor may request for a copy of your cited
work(s) to you incase it is not available to the instructor.

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