Week 3 (cooper) powerpoint | Education homework help


Directions:  Create an original PowerPoint (PPT) presentation about children’s  physical development.  Cite and reference the  literature. You must back up points, ideas, and examples with the course  readings, lessons, and/or outside references. Make each slide  interesting and engaging with visuals (e.g., a border, clip art/images,  etc.). Include and address the following:

I. Title Slide – include an APA style title page/slide

II. Overview – introduce physical development…define it…

III. Basics –  include more details about physical development such as fine and gross  motor skills definitions and examples, important points, etc.

IV. Connections –  discuss why it is important to observe and monitor children’s physical  development. Analyze how physical development overlaps with cognitive  and/or socio-emotional development. Explain how you could use your new  knowledge about physical development factors and observations  immediately or in the future either personally or professionally. 

V. Reflection  – be specific and explain and elaborate on 3-5 things you learned about  children’s physical development and observing it. Reflect about what  else you wonder about children’s physical development and observing it. 

VI. Conclusion – in 4-5 sentences, summarize and conclude your presentation

VII. References – include complete references in current APA style. Make sure in-text citations align with references.

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