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write a role-play that demonstrates engagement skills. You take on the role of the social worker, while a friend, family member, or colleague takes on the role of the client. Although this is a role-play scenario, you should demonstrate your professionalism in demeanor, appearance, and behavior. Please dress professionally, Your role-play should include:

  • A demonstration of the interaction between you, as the social work intern, and the client based on the scenario you selected that reflects the Engagement step in the Generalist Intervention Model. The scene should include the following:
    • A demonstration of effective attending skills
    • A discussion of agency services and client expectations
    • A decision of whether or not the agency and worker can help
    • An offer of agency and worker services to the client
    • An orientation for the client to the helping process, including:
      • A discussion of confidentiality
      • A discussion of a social work intern’s role

(THIS IS THE CLIENT) Client David, a 12-year-old student in the seventh grade, has come to you as the school social worker to report a bullying incidence. David has ADHD and struggles to connect with other students.

* Student provides client with an in-depth and detailed orientation to the helping process that includes:… 1) A discussion of confidentiality… 2) A discussion of a social work intern’s role … Discussion of confidentiality and social work intern’s role is complete and accurate information. Student confirms that client understands confidentiality and social work intern role. 

* Student provides a detailed and effective offer of agency and worker services to the client. Student provides the client the opportunity to accept or reject services. If client in involuntary, student provides explanation of consequence if services are not completed. 

* Student provided a clear discussion about whether the agency can or cannot meet client expectations and what services can be provide help the client. Student offers referral for services not available and confirms the client understands what services and what are not. 

* Student effectively discusses agency services and provides in-depth explanation of how services may benefit client. … Student clarifies and confirms the expectations of the client. 

* Student clearly demonstrates five or more of the following skills: … Listening skills… Appropriate eye contact… Body positioning… Non-verbal behavior… Focus on client’s thoughts and feelings… Open-ended questions… Appropriate use of silence 

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