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In this unit’s learning map, you explored the ways in which technology has succeeded or failed to predict, prevent, or recover from a disaster. You were presented with examples of natural and man-made disasters. For this post, you are required to research and discuss a specific disaster not presented in this unit. Please include the following in your response:

  • What is the specific disaster event you researched?
    • Describe the type of disaster event. 
    • Was it a natural or man-made disaster?
    • How and where did the disaster occur?
  • What are two specific technologies associated with that type of disaster?
  • For each technology, describe how it was used to predict, prevent, and/or respond to the event.
    • Include your opinion on whether the technology improved or failed to improve the situation.
    • Share one way the technology could be improved to provide better prediction, prevention, or responsiveness when the next disaster of that type occurs.
  • Conclude with one lesson that could be learned from the event you chose to research.

Please be sure to support your opinions and ideas with specific examples.

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