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Students can now bid for a share of up to £60 million in grant funding as part of the Commercial Management taught unit calendar. Our technology is Organic Rankine Cycle(ORC). The project is aimed at Babaoshan funeral home.

To support the final submission of the assignment, students are required to produce a competitive proposal that satisfies the following criterion:

1.Outline a decarbonisation plan/initiative across the business value chain (15 %) [200- 400 words] 

-Describe or explain the extent to which any of the study would have still occurred without IETF funding (e.g. would it not have gone ahead at all, or would it still have gone ahead but at a smaller scale?)

-Describe or explain why some or none of the study would have gone ahead without public funding 

-Describe or explain why you are not able to wholly fund the study from your own resources or other forms of private-sector funding (such as loans)

In this section you will be asked what would have happened without IETF money. This section seeks justification for the use of public money to support the study. You will be scored based on the strength of that justification. 

Higher marks will be awarded to applications where there is a compelling case for why public funding is required and the positive difference this funding will make to the supply chain.

Higher scoring proposals will describe alternative sources of support with an explanation of why they are discounted or used in conjunction with the grant funding. It is likely that a very high proportion of the study would not have gone ahead without IETF support.

2. Identify one strength and one vulnerability of your project’s sustainability efforts. Justify your  choice (10 %) [200- 400 words]

-Describe or explain how the study could be replicated by others in the sector

-Describe or explain how the technology could be adopted in other sectors 

-Describe or explain any measures you intend to take to encourage the project to be replicated outside your organisation. 

-Describe or explain how the results of the study will be disseminated to others

 In this section you will be asked to describe the extent to which the technology to be explored though this study could be adopted by others in the sector or wider sectors. 

This section seeks to understand how the project fits into the broader industrial decarbonisation agenda. A technology that is repeatable and scalable across different industries and locations will have more value for industry. It will be scored based on the description of how this project could be repeated. 

Higher marks will be given where a clear and strong argument is given for replicability with good consideration of other sectors and how learnings from this project will be disseminated. The argument is justified with supporting evidence.

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