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Assignment #3: ESOL Resource Guide (ESOL2010- 3.1a- 3.1c, 3.2.b, 3.2.c, 3.2.g-3.2.j, 3.3.a-3.3.c, 4.1.a, 4.2.a, 4.2.b, 4.2.c)  

Description: Development of a handbook specific for teaching ELLs is important for all teachers.  

Directions: Laws, policy, and program models for ELL instruction require the appropriate selection of instructional materials and resources to address the needs of ELLs.  

1.  Research materials and create an ESOL Handbook with teaching methods and research-based strategies, as well as appropriate assessments of ELLs’ knowledge and skills. This should be based on the student placement test and analysis. The content in the handbook will be instrumental in selecting the appropriate materials when preparing for instruction.  

2.  Identify and explain how you will use the culturally responsive/sensitive, age appropriate, linguistically accessible materials and resources you have selected for working with K-12 students. Materials and resources in ELLs’ L1 appropriate to developing English language and literacy skills as well as content area knowledge and skills should be incorporated.  

3.  Include appropriate technology resources to meet learning outcomes.  

4.  Create the handbook in Watermark and it should include the following sections: 

a.  Introduction to the ESOL Handbook by describing: 

§  purpose of the handbook.  

§  major issues related to teaching ELLs,  

§  summary of the evolution of laws/policies/ Florida Consent Decree.  

§  instructional models and second language teaching methods over time 

§  a brief overview of strategies/materials/assessments/resources included. 

b.  English Language Development – Identify research-based strategies, materials, assessments, and resources for developing language skills. Provide a description of the strategies/materials/assessment/resources and how they can be used with ELLs. You should have at least four (4) strategies/materials/resources for each language skill. 

§  English language listening skills 

§  English language speaking skills 

§  English language reading skills 

§  English language writing skills 

c.  Content Area Development – Identify research-based strategies, materials, assessments, and resources for developing content area knowledge and skills. Provide a description of these strategies/materials/resources and how they can be used with ELLs. You should have at least four (4) strategies/materials/assessments/resources for each content area. 

·  Math 

·  Science 

·  Social Studies 

·  Language Arts/Reading 

d.  First Language (L1) Resources – Identify resources in the ELLs’ first languages that are appropriate to developing their language and literacy in their first languages as well as English.  Also include L1 resources to develop content area knowledge and skills.  You should at least four (4) strategies/materials/resources for each category. 

·  First language and literacy development 

·  Bilingual education materials 

·  Content area development in L1 (math, science, social studies, language   arts/reading) 

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