4 discussion questions about teaching ells

1. What accounts for the disproportionately high representation of ELLs in ESS/special education and disproportionately low representation in gifted and talented programs? Support your response with at least one scholarly resource. ONE PARAGRAPH ONE RESOURCE!

2. What can a teacher do to help identify gifted and talented students within the ELL population? What are some ways you can help develop the gifts and talents of ELLs? ONE PARAPGRAPH ONE RESOURCE!

3. Which language acquisition/learning theory (behaviorist theory, nativist theory, social interactionist theory, cognitive theory, etc.) best reflects your teaching style, or the approach to teaching that you prefer? In what ways would this theory drive your teaching practice? ONE PARAGRAPH AND ONE RESOURCE

4. Why are English language proficiency standards necessary? How do you plan to use ELP standards as a teacher? How would you explain what they are and why you use them to an ELL parent? ONE PARAGRAPGH AND ONE RESOURCE!

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