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This response must critically examine the assigned readings for the past 4 modules (4 weeks). Do not simply reflect on the readings, but also critically deconstruct and evaluate the authors’ larger arguments. You should interrogate the authors’ theses as well as provide in-depth analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of the authors’ arguments. You can also build on previous knowledge by making connections among the readings and/or connecting what you have learned in the readings to course material from other classes. In addition, you should examine your subjectivities in relation to your thoughts about the readings. For example, how do your race, class, gender, age, etc., impact the way that you evaluate the merits and deficiencies of the authors’ larger arguments. Your response should synthesize 4 weeks worth of readings. This does not mean that you must discuss all readings read during the course of 4 weeks. It does mean, however, that you should discuss 3-4 readings read during the previous 4 weeks. For example, the this response  asks you to examine week 5 (Immigration), week 6 (Health), week 7 (Urban Sociology) and week 8 (Media). Each response  must be about 3.5-4 pages in length. Double-Spaced. Please cite course materials frequently (at least 2-3 citations per page) and include a works cited page. 

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