L3 | Anatomy homework help


  1. Choose one theory:
  2. Write a paper (6 pages maximum, not including your title and reference pages – there is no minimum page requirement) applying the theory to a character one of the following movies

a)    Describe the theory in terms of its major assumptions. Describe how the theory relates to your character.

b)    Describe both the strengths and limitations of the theory in understanding your character’s behavior. In other words, how does the theory help to explain your character, and what information is missing in helping to explain your character. 

c)    Explain whether the theory does or does not account for the influence of social privileges and social oppression. If it does account for social privilege’s, how? If it does not, what should it be addressing.  

d)    Discuss how this theory will influence your social work practice. Be sure to indicate under what circumstance the theory would be useful and the kinds of questions the theory might cause you to ask about a client’s presenting issues.

You must use appropriate APA citations .

You must use at least three sources.

You must use scholarly journals

At least one of your sources MUST be from a peer reviewed source.  Newspapers, magazines, podcasts, websites are not permitted. 

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