Research discussion | Sociology homework help

Part I

A. Research the contributions of women in the STEM fields

B. Provide a min. of six (6) current statistics (from any years 2016 – 2021), about women & the STEM fields. These statistics should also show numbers of women in these fields compared to numbers of men – use credible sources, be sure to not use wikipedia,, etc… Be sure to review what are statistics vs other types of data.

be sure to include all of your sources in the works cited at the end of the assignment

Remember to use paraphrase with your words as the software will match all of the sources.

Avoid copying and pasting these.








Part II

Select one woman who has made major contribution(s) to the STEM field(s). Elaborate with your responses. 

Remember to use paraphrase with your words, as the software will match all of the sources

A. Tell me about her & when did she live

B. What was her contribution(s) to the STEM field(s). What are the specific STEM fields.  Discuss in-depth — be sure to use paraphrase, in your words with this discussion. (min 200 words, can be longer) include word count. 


Part III

Discussion-min. 300 words – research a min. of two scholarly/credible sources. Use a min of two full citations one from each source, more are encouraged.  Please note one academic/scholarly journal is required.  More sources and citations are encouraged. Discussion can be more than 300 words. Avoid anything wiki, wikipedia,, etc…  Be sure to include word count at the end. Please be sure to inlcude the page or par # for each intext citation.

Include the following within your discussion : 

1.What are some things that discourage women from going into STEM fields? 

2. What stereotypes exist about women going into STEM fields and women in STEM fields?

3. What are some hindrances for women going into STEM fields?

4. Please note one academic/scholarly journal is required for one of the sources. Please check with library if unsure how to access these from UTEP library website.

5. Remember to use paraphrase with your words, as the software will match all of the sources

Include a complete works cited with all sources used to complete this assignment 

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