Amazon/ unsafe working conditions | Management homework help

We need to write about amazon  unsafe working conditions below are the requirements ( 3 pages)

In summary, you are to find an organization that is having an issue that it has yet to resolve. It could be the employer of you or one of your teammates. You are to identify the problem and how the different organizational behavior concepts we have covered/are covering are either contributing to the problem or could be used to solve the problem. You should focus on fewer concepts at greater depth rather than a host of different concepts being briefly mentioned. You are encouraged to discuss more than one potential solution, but make sure you provide a single recommendation that your team agrees upon.

You need to make sure that the organization has a problem that fits with the organizational behavior of its employees, rather than its strategy, operations, investments, and such.

  • Title page: Case title, date prepared, team members’ names
  • Case Summary: a succinct summary of the case
  • Problem Identified: brief description of a problem (be sure it is OB related!)
  • Alternatives – identify up to three different alternatives or scernarios that may occur 
  • Recommendation: which alternative does the team recommend and why. You may need to include:
    • Time lines for implementation
    • Evaluation of progress
    • Specific consideration of relevant financial conditions (how much will each step cost?)
  • Any other specific and pertinent considerations the team wants to include
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix (if necessary)
  • Bibliography

Writing style must be uniform and consistent throughout.  This includes such considerations as Print Font, type of paper, page numbers, etc.  Writing style must also reflect APA formats.

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