Cybersec polic and planning | Computer Science homework help

Based on the reading materials and textbook, decide what are going to be your Top 10 InfoSec policies that you are going to recommend to the company you have selected from the three options of Week 1 Homework Assignment. The list needs to be prioritized, so that the most important policy is priority #1, the second most important policy is priority #2, and continuing to the tenth most important policy is priority #10 (this does not make it the “least important” policy – they should all be important). Each policy on the list should have a policy title/subject and include 2-4 sentences to describe/highlight the purpose of the policy. Then, in addition, you need to explain your justification for the priority order of the top 5 policies by providing 3-4 paragraphs to explain why you prioritized them in their particular sequence – as if you are justifying the list to the Owner/CEO.] 

Assignment outcomes: (1) Prioritized list of top 10 InfoSec policies (with descriptions) and (2) justification for the sequence of the top 5 policies. 

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