Identify self-care strategies that foster resilience | TRA-5400 v1: Strengthening Resilience Among Learners and Educational Professionals | Northcentral University


Consider and describe the relationship of self-care to resilience with various exmples  strategies for self-care. Keep in mind four quadrants to include mind, body, heart, and soul. Then consider at least two instructional strategies that an educator could use for self-care.

Then reflect on your strengths and opportunities for improving self-care. Maintain a strengths-based perspective is key; then consider what you already do well to practice self-care, and identify character traits that will help you follow through on your goal. For example, you may point out your willingness or interest in learning a new strategy, time-management skills, or a partner or friend who will join you in trying out or increasing your use of a strategy.

See additional details in the attachment.

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