Module 11 research and reflection


Step 1

As you prepare for the research and reflection form this week,  first click on to learn more about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). What does that mean to you? Next, view the YouTube video, We Can Prevent ACEs then discuss your thoughts. How do you think that what you have done so far in supporting your chosen subject relates to preventing ACEs? 


Step 2:


Reflect on and address the questions:

  1. According to the statistics, how big is the problem?
  2. What are the consequences?
  3. How can we, as early childhood educators, prevent adverse childhood experiences?
  4. How can society at large work to prevent ACEs?

Step 3:

Click on to  read more about the CDC-Kaiser ACE Study. Look at this page’s  statistical data and then discuss your thoughts, giving attention to the  article, Relationship of Childhood Abuse and Household Dysfunction to Many of the Leading Causes of Death in Adults. Do  you find it as astounding as I do that experiences that occur in  childhood can have such a detrimental impact on life expectancy into  adulthood? Do you see the importance of your role in providing alternate  experiences that can mitigate some of the negative impacts of trauma  associated with ACEs? 

Step 4:

Visit the DCD website @ and  discuss your thoughts on Risk and Protective Factors. What can we do in  the Early Childhood Setting to improve outcomes for children and  families regarding preventing ACEs? 

Step 5:

The final section of the CDC website that you will review this week is

After  reading this section, share your thoughts on how it relates to you as  an early childhood educator. What is your role in preventing ACEs? 

Step 6:

Now  that you have connected your role in preventing ACEs and  social-emotional support strategies you can use in the classroom, share  at least one resource from Tuckers NC Nest that you have used with your  child during this semester to guide behavior. If you have not used Tuckers NC Nest yet, log on and explore. Share the link to the board and the specific pin you have used or will use.

  1. What did you like about this resource? 
  2. How did it help you in successfully supporting your child? 
  3. How will you continue to use Tuckers NC Nest in the future?  
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