Business finance – operations management incentive plans run off

Read the article “What Gets Measured, Gets Managed” by Witman (2018).  Describe how the Wells Fargo community bank incentive plan resulted in unethical and in most cases, illegal behavior. How did the program objective (8 products per customer) contribute to the misbehavior of employees? Do you think that incentives for higher ranking employees (i.e. executives of the community bank) played a part in the depth and scope of the problems? Thinking more broadly, the plan started in 2003 and did not become exposed as a problem until late 2016. What role could the compensation group have played in minimizing the likelihood of cheating to earn incentives when structuring the plan? Finally, what is HR (Comp and Benefits) moral and ethical responsibility when designing such plans?   

Respond to the discussion questions provided. Each assignment requires 3 – 4 full pages and
at least 5 scholarly, resources to substantiate your position in your answer. You must carefully
read the requirements below noting the expectations beforehand. These exercises are meant to foster your comprehensive research and writing skills.

The specific requirements are as follows:
 As a graduate student, the expectation is quite high for your required quality and effort.
Your work must be written near the standard and quality of journals and other published
 Cover page, abstract, reference page, and appendices do not count toward the minimum
page length requirement.
 At least 5 scholarly sources are required.
 Use the current APA manual to ensure that you correctly cite your sources and
 The use of sources such as Wikipedia, Investopedia, blogs, personal, consulting or
corporate websites are discouraged and will not count toward the required 5 references.
 Use of term paper or solutions-type websites is not allowed and will be treated according
to the terms of academic honesty requirements.
 Do not write in question/answer format (e.g., Using each question as a heading or
sub-heading in your paper); you will receive an automatic 30% deduction if you do.
Instead, use the questions to guide and form your paper. 



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