Milestone greenbay packers | Operations Management homework help

the project is on Green Bay Packers getting a new stadium this is two part thing address the following in word doc with 3-4 sources  you must do the budget on the excell sheet first  you would be looking for finance info from 2019-2020 I have included a example to help you

in 4-5 pages address the following 

Executive Summary
C. Determine the sport organization’s financial health based on what you discovered, and support your response with information from the most
recent balance sheet.
D. Estimate the costs that the sport organization will need to cover as a result of the proposed project, and explain how the estimate was reached.
E. Identify potential sources of revenue that the project will bring to the organization to fund the project, supported by specific examples.
F. Discuss economic impacts across departments for the additional costs incurred as a result of the proposed project.

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