Powerpoint presentation: thermal sensing devices


You work for Angstrom incorporated; they have a thermal control  system that has encountered a failure of a mercury-filled bulb sensing  element. There is a need to get the system up and running, but modern  regulations restrict the use of mercury sensors. Your task is to  research and persuade management to pick from the many modern electronic  thermal sensing elements.

The sensing system to be replaced must be easily maintainable,  calibrated and set up when replacement is required. The sensing system  must be accurate over a range of 50 °C to 200 °C. Develop a presentation  to compare these sensor types: NTC, PTC, Thermocouples, and pyrometers.


  • Slides 
  • There should be between 3-5 sentences on each slide
  • The presentation should include any relevant background information  management would need to be aware of to understand your recommendations
  • Include definitions and descriptions of any terminology or jargon used in the presentation 
  • The presentation should include a thorough and accurate comparison of sensor types that are relevant to the chosen scenario
  • The comparison of the parts evaluated relies on product  specifications obtained from authoritative sources, such as product data  sheets.
  • The presentation should provide a strong rationale for why the recommended sensor is the optimum choice for the application 
  • The presentation includes a clear and accurate explanation of the need to choose a new or replacement sensor
  • References 
  • All sources should be cited correctly in IEEE or ASEE format
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