Care plan 2 | Science homework help

 You are the nurse caring for a 30-year-old female client in a mental health facility with a history of histrionic personality disorder, anxiety, insomnia, and depressive disorder. The client is regularly feeding with thin liquids. The client has a history of smoking and no other health problems.    Vital signs:   

  • Temperature: 99.2° F 
  • Heart rate: 91 beats/min 
  • Respirations: 18 breaths/minute 
  • O2 saturation: 93% 
  • Blood pressure: 110/68 mm Hg  
  • Pain: “0/10” 
  • Focused assessment findings:     
  • Alert and oriented to person, place and time
  • she moves all four extremities, ambulates s
  • The apical pulse is regular at 91 beats/minute
  • Lungs clear to auscultation, diminished bilaterally 
  • Bowel sounds hypoactive, abdomen soft, tender in all four quadrants
  • medications
  • lithium carbonate 300mg Q12hrs
  • risperidone 2mg once a day
  • trazodone 100mg-once a day at bedtime
  • benztropine 1mg-once a day at bedtime
  • austedo 6mg-twice a . y  Using the information from the scenario, create a care plan using the attached template
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