Identify the subject and the verb 1. te angry student dropped the

Identify the subject and the verb

1. Te angry student dropped the class.

2. My brother is buying a Volkswagen Rabbit.

3.The students seemed sleepy

4.Jane3 had never visited the Art institute

5. Maria left the room

6.Her aunt and uncle are nice people

7. The child is playing in the rain

8. Tom drank the beer quickly

9 Henry and Susan like disco music

10 My siamese cats are hiding in the closet.

11 The thief was chased down the alley

12 Did the plane arrive on time?

13 The student have been listening to the lecture

14 Mark has always lived in Chicago 

15 Can you play the guitar

16 Sonia has been a student for 30 years 

17 We would like a case of coca-cola 

18 will the Chicago cubs win the pennenant

19 Juan and Tony may wash the car

20 My brother should have studied for the test


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