Ai chat -demonstrating ai chat applications in business and social

 Objective: The purpose of this assignment is for students to explore  and demonstrate the use of various AI chat tools in different business  fields, such as entrepreneurship, accounting, marketing, information  systems, or social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Students  will create a 7-10 minute video showcasing how an AI chat tool can be  applied to a selected area and share it with their classmates for  discussion on an online platform. The video can be longer. You can use  Zoom, your phone, or any camera to record. It can be non-traditional and  not a presentation. 


  1. Group Formation (Optional): Form a group of up to 2 students or choose to complete the assignment individually.
  2. Understand your topic: Conduct topic research on various AI chat  tools, focusing on their applications in your chosen business field or  social media platform. Identify specific tasks or scenarios where the AI  chat tool can be beneficial.
  3. AI Chat Interaction: Use the chosen AI chat tool to engage in a  conversation related to the tasks or scenarios you have identified.  Record the conversation or take screenshots to include in your video.
  4. Video Demonstration: Create a 7-10 minute video demonstrating the use  of the selected AI chat tool in your chosen area. The video should  include: a. A brief introduction to the AI chat tool and its  applications in the selected field or platform. b. A walkthrough of your  interaction with the AI chat tool, highlighting its relevance to the  chosen tasks or scenarios. c. A discussion of potential benefits and  challenges associated with using the AI chat tool in the chosen area. d.  A conclusion summarizing your experience and potential implications for  users in the field or platform.
  5. Video Description: Write a brief description of your video to  accompany the YouTube upload. This is the only written component of the  assignment. The description should include: a. Title of the AI chat tool  used. b. A link to the AI chat tool. c. Cost of using the AI chat tool  (if applicable). d. Pros and cons of using the AI chat tool in the  chosen area or platform.
  6. Discussion: Upload your video on YouTube, making sure it is  accessible to your classmates. Share the video link and description in  the designated online class discussion platform. Watch and comment on at  least two other videos uploaded by your classmates. In your comments,  provide constructive feedback, ask questions, or share your own  experiences using AI chat tools in the chosen area or platform.  Encourage a dialogue by responding to comments on your video as well.

Grading Criteria:

  • Quality and depth of research on AI chat tools and their applications in the chosen area or platform.
  • Clarity and relevance of the AI chat interaction in the context of the selected tasks or scenarios.
  • Effectiveness of the video demonstration in showcasing the use of the AI chat tool in the chosen area or platform.
  • Analysis of the benefits and challenges associated with AI chat adoption in the chosen area or platform.
  • Engagement in the class discussion, including the quality of feedback and responsiveness to comments on your video.
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