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Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal plan was extremely helpful in the assist and fight against the negative effects of the Great Depression. This plan erupted in 1936 when politics were controlled by the democratic party for the first time in many years when President Franklin D. Roosevelt won the presidential election. Over the next 30 years, more diverse individuals were voting, including different races, sexes and individuals from a variety of social classes.  

Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was compiled of different programs and projects to help restore the economy during the Great Depression. Some examples include attempting to stabilize the economy, provide jobs, and relief for those who needed it. Roosevelt quickly made changes which led to the Emergency Banking Act. The Emergency Banking Act assisted in reorganizing the banks and closing banks which were bankrupt. Roosevelt had a four-day bank holiday to stop individuals from taking their money out of untrustworthy banks. After multiple days, individuals were encouraged to deposit their money back into the banks after the banks that were not doing well closed. By the end of that month, three quarters of the banks had re-opened (Great Depression Facts, 2016).

During Roosevelt’s “First 100 Days”, he asked Congress to end Prohibition. By the end of the year, Congress consented to this and ended Prohibition. He also signed the Tennessee Valley Authority Act, allowing for the building of dams along the Tennessee River to assist with flooding power bills. Closely following the Tennessee Valley Authority Act, Congress passed another bill that paid farmers, which ended surplus issues and inflated the price of goods.  

Although Roosevelt didn’t end The Great Depression in its entirety, he worked continuously to obtain citizens jobs, better the economy, and the future for the American people. In spring of 1935, Roosevelt launched a Second New Deal (Franklin D. Roosevelt – Facts, new deal & death, 2023). This consisted of other, more aggressive federal programs. Although the Great Depression never ended completely from Roosevelt’s New Deal programs, it had a huge impact on many factors. From this, there were more African Americans and women in the workplace and many federal programs made still exist today including food stamps, WIC, and unemployment. With all of these accomplishments, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s economic plan was a success and will always be remembered.


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