Reaction paper- please use articles in the uploaded document to write

 Topic is Cardiovascular Disease.

First, summarize what you have read, including any outside research conducted on the topic in addition to assigned readings. Next, you will provide your reaction to the literature and current application of the science in practice, either clinical (management) or community based (prevention or management). Make sure you have critically evaluated the literature and consider any differences found in guidelines across countries or regions. Lastly, after the reaction component, you should conclude the paper by discussing how this information will help you in your current or future practice in the field of nutrition.

References should be included, citing both in text and at the end of your discussion post.  Please use AMA format for all citations.

1. Student has provided a very detailed summary of the NCD selected. Significant detail is included to support the summary.

2. Student has provided a reaction of excellent quality on the literature reviewed for the selected NCD: -Clearly stated reaction to the literature cited -Discussion is focused on nutrition and the NCD selected -Demonstrates ability to critically evaluate the sources used and their relevance to the topic -Includes comments on the application of guidelines in management and/or prevention of the selected NCD -Highlights similarities/differences in practice between US and other countries

3. Student clearly concludes the paper by discussing how the information researched on this NCD will help them in their current or future practice in the field of nutrition. Draws the paper to a sound conclusion. 

4. Student has included the use of at least 5 scholarly resources to support their reaction paper.

5. Student always includes in-text citations where required. All references are cited on a separate page at the end of the paper using AMA format without error.

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