Discussion 1: professional identity statement

Discussion 1: Professional Identity Statement

In Week 2, you wrote an initial draft of your professional identity statement as a leader in the human services profession. In Week 5, you considered how you would revise your draft based on what you had learned about human services roles at that point. Now, for this Discussion, you make final revisions to your professional identity statement, this time, focusing on what you have learned since Week 5, integrating strategies for writing concisely, and incorporating feedback from your Instructor and peers.

To Prepare
  • Review your Course Announcements for possible information related to this week’s Discussions and Assignment.
  • Read the Learning Resource on how to write concisely. Consider how you could apply the strategies discussed in the resource to revise your professional identity statement to be more concise.
  • Revise the initial draft of your professional identity statement from Week 2, based on what you have learned about the roles and practice of an advanced human services professional practitioner. This is an opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in your statement and to practice writing concisely. Your final professional identity statement should be no longer than 1 paragraph.
By Day 3

Post your revised advanced human services professional practitioner professional identity statement. In your statement, be sure to address the following:

  • Describe the values and beliefs that influence you as an advanced human services professional practitioner concerned with leading change efforts to benefit individuals and communities and create a more just society.
  • Explain how you define yourself as a practitioner working in a leadership position.
  • Identification of special interests (e.g., specific issues and populations of interest to you, including those that speak to a social justice passion).Discussion 1: Professional Identity Statement
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