Tips on learning to talk

Read the article “Tips on Learning to Talk” from Zero to Three.

Create a table, pick one example per age group, & provide a detailed way of how you can implement it in the classroom. 

For example:

Age Group: 2 to 3 years

Skill: Teach your child to say his or her first and last name

Implementation in the classroom: During circle time, the toddlers will sing “Who Took The Cookie?” and use their First and Last Names.  

Table Rows 

Birth to 3 months | 3 to 6 months | 6 to 9 months | 9 to 12 months | 12 to 15 months | 15 to 18 months | 18 to 2 years | 2 to 3 years

Table Columns 

1 skill from the Age-group

1 way to implementation in the classroom

The ZERO TO THREE article, “Tips on Learning to Talk” is provided in the student portal under “Assignment 5” and “Literature Resources.”

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