Week 10 discussion – presenting your business plan

Some investors may ask you to present your business plan in a face-to-face or virtual session using a PowerPoint or other electronic mediums.

You want to make this presentation compelling and focus on highlighting the key aspects of the business. 

In this week’s discussion, you can choose how to present the business but keep in mind that you be clear on why your business is solid and what are the growth opportunities and financial benefit for the investors. Follow the specific instructions in the discussion. 

 the PowerPoint , keep in mind the following:

  1. Do not exceed 12 slides (including the title slide).
  2. Follow the template in the textbook on page 349. Make sure all the key topics required in the discussion are included.
  3. one of the following, in addition to the slides: 
    • speaker’s notes under each slide 
  4. Use bullets on the slides and no full sentences. Additional information will be provided in the speaker’s notes, audio, or video recording. 
  5. Insert relevant images or graphs in the presentation.

For some inspiration: check out this link with the best presentations of 2018:

https://www.konsus.com/blog/35-best-pitch-deck-examples-2017Links to an external site.

Click HERE Links to an external site.for a video on how to approach this week’s discussion. 

Be creative and have fun!

Looking forward to your presentations! 

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